Custom made work clothes

Personalization of work clothing

The personalization of work clothing primarily started as ‘personalising at company level'. The aim was to create a uniform, recognisable appearance, where personalization involved communicating the organization’s name. The lack of color and the increasing range of colors and color combinations are also characteristics of the ‘personalising at company level’ trend. The personalization of work clothing and corporate clothing advanced considerably with the introduction of different work clothing for men and women. The move towards more sizes and fits is a logical continuation of this development. The individual as part of the team. The personalization of work clothing and corporate clothing is currently developing across the board. The attention paid to trends, standard custom solutions and custom corporate clothing means that the personalization of work clothing really is becoming personal; perfectly tailored to the needs of the company and the individual professionals within it.



The first and simplest form of personalization was printing shirts and polos. Even the most basic garments of this type can increase recognition of an organization with the presence of a logo. T- shirts and polos can be printed in different places; on the chest, sleeve, or back. This method is simple but effective. Printing the back of clothing is great way of increasing communication, since a message on the back of a shirt catches attention and offers more space for promoting something such as a special offer. Printed shirts and polos remain popular.



The basic printed polo has a casual look. Embroidering a logo retains this casual look, but gives a slightly more upmarket edge. The end result is durable, but also more expensive than printing a shirt.

Custom made work clothes


The limited number of colors meant that this first personalization had little impact; color partly defines the appearance of polos and shirts. The range of colors available has been expanded, so that work clothing can now better reflect corporate identity.



The distinction between genders may well have been the first real step in the field of personalization. The distinction between these models and the end of unisex work clothing had a major influence on the next trend: the same, but different.



‘The same, but different’ was the next step in the field of personalization; uniform work clothing perfectly tailored to the needs of different individuals within teams and organizations. The range of sizes of work clothing has increased considerably. Employees function better in well-fitting work clothing, so there has been an increase in the number of fits available. Tricorp offers work clothing in standard fit and slim fit. The slim fit model fits tightly on the body, while the standard fit model is a loose, comfortable fit.



Work clothing has to be uniform and distinctive, and perfectly suit each individual. Creating a distinctive character is no longer limited to choosing a color and applying a logo. Standard solutions in combination with personalization offer new opportunities and methods of communication. The bi-color shirt range contains the most popular color combinations, making it a standard solution which seamlessly links work clothing to the corporate style. To develop a corporate style, designers often use two colors. This trend is now reflected in the standard collections of bi-color shirts and polos.



Different companies have different needs. The worlds of fashion and work clothing are increasingly coming together. The result is a representative, uniform and modern look, which offers employees the opportunity to show their individual style, without compromising the uniform character. Tricorp Premium combines fashion and work clothing in a representative and modern range. Personalising work clothing is the cherry on the cake.




Work clothing also has a communicative function, so designing a unique range of work clothing is a powerful communication tool. Tricorp Specials offers companies the opportunity to design their own corporate clothing in collaboration with the Tricorp team.

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