For many, the start of the new Formula 1 season in Bahrain was central to the last weekend of this winter. Likewise for Tricorp! A great moment to see the entire Haas F1 Team working in Tricorp Workwear.

In early February, Haas F1 Team and Tricorp announced their partnership. Tricorp takes care of all team clothing that is worn during the season, except for the racing suits. For this, the Tricorp design team made the clothing designs together with Haas. We finally managed to have the new teamwear ready for the factory days in England and the test days in Barcelona in mid-February.

However beautiful the result of the teamwear has become, the team members were not able to enjoy it for long. It soon became known that the main sponsor of the team had to leave the team, which means that all logos of this sponsor had to be removed from the clothing. Tricorp has responded quickly by offering a temporary team kit where the main sponsor is no longer visible. We were able to deliver this new outfit in Bahrain on time, so that the team is still presentable during the start of the season! 

And what a great opening race it was for the Haas F1 Team: P5 for Magnussen and P11 for Schumacher. A great team achievement that we are very proud of as a sponsor! We are already busy with the official team kit that we hope to be able to deliver as soon as possible!

What does the temporary team kit look like?

The temporary team kit for the Haas F1 team consists of the following items:

- T-shirt and Poloshirt CoolDry in the color White: these items have a nice fit and thanks to the CoolDry polyester fiber the shirts are extra breathable and moisture regulating. Not a luxury, because the team works in Bahrain, and during the next grand prix in Saudi Arabia, with high temperatures.

- Zip sweater in White and Black: where it is warm during the day, it can cool down considerably in the evening. Then the zip sweater is a nice sweater to put on over the T-shirt. We had the zip sweater made especially for Haas in white.

- Tech Shell in White: the team kit also includes a nice work jacket, our Tech Shell. We had this jacket made in a totally white version for Haas.

- Work trousers Fitted Stretch in Black: as the basis of the outfit, the team members wear our new work trousers Fitted Stretch, which ensures that the team members can move optimally during the pit stops when quick gear changes are required.

- Shirt in White: the staff members basically wear a white shirt that they can supplement with a zip sweater or Tech Shell.

Tricorp logos

In addition to taking care of all team clothing, we are also visible on the clothing with our logo! You can find our logo on the left thigh of the work trousers and on all outerwear on the left sleeve. Have you spotted our logo on the race car yet? On the halo in front of the driver's head and on the side of the car we have a position.

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