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A quality work coat offers protection against various weather influences and must be suitable for different work situations. Tricorp offers winter coats in various labels, including for example the Workwear work coats and the Premium work coats. For every situation, we offer a suitable work coat. This will always help you find a work coat exactly fitting your working needs. All our coats have been made of high-quality materials and they offer plenty of storage space. In this article we will tell you more about the work coats that we offer and what the differences are between them.



Are you looking for a high-quality work coat without it having to meet all kinds of requirements? In that case the industrial work coat might be just the coat for you. This coat is suitable for various industries. And not only does it offer plenty of storage space, it is also industrially washable up to 85 degrees Celsius in accordance to EN ISO 15797. The industrial work coat is often also being used as an indoor coat combined with the work pants industry. Another option that may fit your personal style better is our industrial pilot jacket. This jacket, among other things, has a removable collar of fake fur and is dirt and water resistant thanks to its coating.

Tricorp work coat


We also have work coats that are water- and wind-proof, which is convenient when you often work outdoors. Besides a basic rain coat, available in yellow, royal blue and ink, we also offer a luxurious version. This luxurious rain coat is characterized by its reflecting print that ensures improved visibility. In addition, this work coat has a zipper under the arm, which offers the possibility to ventilate. Moreover, the bottom of the coat is adjustable, thanks to a cord on the inside. Do you often work outside in the cold? For an extra layer of insulation, our thermal inner coat is a great alternative!



If you do not necessarily work outside, but for example in a cold factory hall, our softshell work coat can provide a solution. These coats are available in various colors, both for women and men. What characterizes softshell coats is the fact that they are water resistant and warm. On top of that they are flexible and comfortable.

High visibility work coat


If high visibility has priority, make sure you go with a work coat that meets the EN ISO 20471 standard. These work coats are made of high quality fluorescent reflective materials, with characteristic reflective bands. Another useful feature of these work coats is the professional way of washing while maintaining the high visibility of the coat at the same time. Most of our bicolor work coats live up to this standard.



Our puffer vest is the perfect solution for spring time. In addition, we offer an industrial puffer vest which has fake fur on the inside and extra reflection piping. It has an adjustable waist with Velcro. Both vests are available in black and dark blue. The regular puffer vest also comes in white. The ideal solution when wearing a work coat is just too hot.



Do you need even more protection? In that case, opt for our multinorm work coat. Our multinorm clothing line is versatile, made of high-quality textiles and offers protection under the most extreme circumstances. The multinorm work coats meet various safety standards. The multinorm parkas and multinorm softshell coats are available in both a regular and a bicolor version. Check out the separate products and discover which safety standards they are meeting.

Curious about our multinorm clothing? Please check out our videos, in which we show you various multinorm pieces and explain the safety standards to you!

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